Sam's Club Grant Program

Giving Made Simple

At the national and local level, the Sam's Club Community Grant Program funds nonprofit organizations committed to supporting small business owners. Small Business Support examples include providing advanced training that empowers small businesses to grow their operations, particularly women- and minority-owned businesses. 

At the local level, Sam's Club facilities are encouraged to support nonprofits or other causes important to their community, provided they fall within one of the Walmart Foundation's focus areas: OpportunitySustainability and Community.  Other local areas of focus may include Education and Youth Success.

Organizations will have the opportunity to identify whether they are working within the Sam's Club-specific giving areas when they apply online.

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Local families in the NW Arkansas area will benefit from a $650K grant to charities for arts and rec purposes:

@WeExpressLove1 Yes, you can submit a similar app to multiple stores. We just ask that the number of pending applications stays under 25.

@bssschool You can find and apply to our community grant here:

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