Northwest Arkansas Giving Program

As the largest global retailer, Walmart has an opportunity and responsibility to make a difference on the issues that affect the communities we serve around the world as well as those that impact our friends, neighbors and customers in Northwest Arkansas.

Together, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation want to build on the tradition of supporting the needs of the NWA community. 

Specifically, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have established the following strategic focus areas for Northwest Arkansas:

Community Cohesion
The Walmart Foundation, in conjunction with Walton Arts Center, has issued a request for proposals from nonprofit organizations serving Northwest Arkansas to support projects that will further community cohesion and inclusion.

Today more than ever, we see a need to further invest in strengthening community cohesion to work towards a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities; and a society in which the diversity of people's backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued.

We recognize that locally based organizations often hold critical knowledge and can often best address local challenges. Proposals will be accepted August 13, 2016 through September 3, 2016.

Please read the RFP before applying.

To apply, visit:, and sign in or register using the invitation code NWARFP.

Hunger relief and healthy eating services
We envision a day where no one in NWA faces food insecurity.  To help achieve this vision, we support programs that systematically connect people to healthy food, teach healthy eating skills and develop innovative collaborations among local nonprofits to meet long term needs in our area.  
                •   Applications will be reviewed bi-monthly
                •   Application deadlines are as follows:
                         -      February 1, 2016
                         -      April 1, 2016
                         -      June 1, 2016
                         -      August 1, 2016
                         -      October 1, 2016
                         -      December 1, 2016

Access to health care
We heard from local nonprofits that access to health care is an issue for many in NWA, particularly access to front-line health and dental care.  To help change this reality, we fund programs that identify and address barriers to access.  This may include increasing the number of medical professionals in the region or growing the institutional capacity to meet the demand. 
                •   Applications will be reviewed bi-monthly
                •   Application deadlines are as follows:
                         -     February 1, 2016
                         -     April 1, 2016
                         -     June 1, 2016
                         -     August 1, 2016
                         -     October 1, 2016
                         -     December 1, 2016

Quality of Life
We believe NWA is an amazing place to live.  The arts and recreation amenities in this region improve the quality of life for the people of NWA.  Many of our grants focus on ensuring all people in the region have access to these amenities, regardless of income. Event sponsorships are included in this category
                •   Applications are reviewed four times a year 
                •   Application deadlines are as follows:
                         -     February 5, 2016
                         -     May 6, 2016
                         -     August 5, 2016
                         -     November 4, 2016

Through the Northwest Arkansas Giving Program, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committed to creating opportunities for the citizens of Northwest Arkansas to live better. 

Before applying, please note: 

  • Only organizations or efforts within Northwest Arkansas (Benton or Washington Counties) are eligible for funding through the Northwest Arkansas Giving program.
  • The minimum grant amount to apply for is $10,000.
  • Walmart and the Walmart Foundation reserve the right to modify the Northwest Arkansas Giving Program’s guidelines, submission deadlines and notification dates without prior notice.

Please read the Northwest Arkansas Giving Guidelines before beginning your application.

Apply for Northwest Arkansas Giving Grants HERE

The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. CST on December 1, 2016.


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